The Boulder Problem and Veggie Chip Cure-all


Painted for me!! :)

Painted for me!




Problem: I felt an anxiety attack coming on today. 

Solution: Rock climbing and a trip to Whole Foods. 

Let me apologize, first and foremost to my darling home:



It has taken me 20 years to find genuine and true appreciation for the city that raised me. Right now, I could even cuddle with Vermont and Jefferson, and let’s just say, that’s not the cutest of intersections. But honestly, there is no place like home when it is el ciudad de los angeles. 

People here in Washington D.C. are scary and mean and rude. I was 20 minutes late for a job interview yesterday after asking more than 10 people for directions who flat out refused to speak to me. I am learning to tone down my outward cheerfulness just a tad because people here don’t really know how to respond to it. One thing I will say is that when I do get a smile or greeting from someone/anyone I feel it rush through my blood and literally warm my soul. So L.A., home-sweet-home, thank you for being so wonderful. Thank you for being a place where people hold doors open, where they smile as they walk past each other on the street, where they offer to give directions or help guide cars into parking spots or pick up something someone has dropped on the ground. Thank you for housing people who laugh and rejoice and love and live and feel the sunlight and make conversation just because they can. I miss you Mom Dad Bro Sis but I miss all of that even more. 

I was in New York last weekend. What a fabulously horrible city. Great What people. I’m sure some of you reading are from New York, so I will not offend. I will just say. What. People. (See above paragraph and let your mind wander.)




One thing I did love about NYC (aside from my wonderful/beautiful/talented/fabulous bestie Lily…see STYLELIKEU.COM for proof of her absolute superbness) was the fact that I felt like I was living Rent. The fire escapes were to. die. for. I made Lily’s brother let me stand on his and pretend I was Mimi at the Cat Scratch Club.

Waiting for the metro

Take me ooouut tonight

Take me ooouut tonight

Best soy chai latte ever

Best soy chai latte ever



So update –> just side-stepped the panic attack, almost brought on by above madness plus some unfortunate relationships and experiences, but who cares about these things. Not me. Not when I have a V3 to send and some organic avocados to peruse. 

I used to get very anxious. One year ago I had horrific stomach problems and could barely eat, simply because I had such a nervous stomach.                                     Silly me.                                I would get sick constantly because I would let myself get stressed out to the point of no return. All of this went away as soon as I started rock climbing.

I started bouldering [boulder: the act of climbing smaller rocks and/or boulders without a harness and with macho strength/a lot of heart and soul] about 6 months ago. Bouldering is a little different than normal top rope climbing. Instead of scaling a rock one time, you have to more strategically plan in advance and during the climb how you are going to send [finish] the problem [climb]. So, half of bouldering, at least for me, is sitting back and looking at the rock, pondering the multitude of possible ways to reach the top. It’s a great physical exercise, yes, but an even better mental one. 


A quick boulder problem in Joshua Tree

A quick boulder problem in Joshua Tree



Since I started climbing, I have found myself unconsciously applying this mentality to regular problems in everyday life. When I have an issue/fear/stress/problem I almost automatically begin to think strategically and thoughtful through it before pursuing a solution or a freak-out. I’m a much calmer person, much happier, and much healthier most importantly. 


So today, post-rock climbig ——— panic attack averted. 

But no de-stress is complete without a trip to Whole Foods Market.     Of Course.     I really didn’t need to buy anything, just being inside carries its own sense of comfort and joy. I’m not going to lie, going to Whole Foods is slightly on par with going to Disneyland. So I bought 365 Veggie Chips and yummy summer cherries, and got myself home.

And here I am with you.

I’m sorry this post wasn’t as eccentric and creative as the last two. But my mind is too tired and relaxed to be fun. With that, I bid you adieu until otro dia, inshallah. (got a few languages in there for you..just to cover my ethnic bases.)

Sweet. Dreams.


4 Responses to “The Boulder Problem and Veggie Chip Cure-all”

  1. yoyopaould Says:

    YOU should not be stressed. There’s a whole lifetime of work/family/relationships for that. I say ENJOY now. Anything that stresses should be reexamined and eliminated or changed. PLEASE!!!

  2. Street Fame Books Says:

    love the veggie chip cure all. i almost grabbed a bag yesterday at Fresh and Easy and for some reason past them up. im going back tomorrow and gonna finish my grab.

    dreaming, california

  3. Uncle Lee Says:


    I am glad to hear the you have discovered rock climbing / bouldering as a sport and therapy. I also enjoyed bouldering especially as it is so immersive and helps you develop an ability think strategically. I once worked on a complex project with one of our corporations’ most senior engineers who was also a climber. He said he really liked working with other climbers for the strategic thinking aspect.

    Bouldering also has a nice minimalist aspect as all you really need is some sticky shoes and a chalk bag. You might try taking a carpet store sample along with you as a “starting mat” It allows you to keep dust off your shoes as you move off the dirt onto the rock, which keeps them sticky. Maybe this is old news to you…? Climb safe. Don’t let anyone with a short attention span belay you… Etc.

  4. Uncle Lee Says:


    One more thing… I have discovered that bouldering and photography both change what, and how much, you notice about the world around you. In it’s own way, bouldering starts you looking at urban features and planning lines up them, sometimes climbing them. Most people who do not have the climbing “bug” will not get it though…

    – Lee –

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